Established in 1986

Fee Schedule

Minimum written appraisal fee for one item (standard item)
Minimun fee for each additional item (standard item)
Complex and larger estate items may require special quotations.
Plot on diamond
Verbal evaluation (minimum per item) jewelry/loose stone
Office consulting fee (per hour)
Expert witness cout testifying (per hour)
Update AGL appraisal and/or verification
Damage reports/estimates of weight loss after recutting (per item)
Digital photographs of jewelry
$25.00 per photo
Diamond grading and report are issued only for loose diamonds
Loose diamond grading, including report and appraisal
0.25 ct. - 2.00ct
2.01 ct. and larger
$125.00 per carat
Diamond laser/recutting analysis
Will Quote
Clarity or color check or recheck (per item)
Colored Stones
Gem Identification
Verbal evaluation (per item)